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Weather reports indicate that we can expect 7-10 inches of rain in the next two days. While City of Darlington staff have been checking and clearing catch basins and storm drains this week in preparation for these weather events, we still expect some roadways to flood. Do NOT drive through water that is crossing the road.

Please report issues you see to us as soon as possible.

Call 911 for emergencies.

Call 843-758-1127 for other issues and for after-hours issues with water and sewer services.

The Market on Darlington Square and Chili Cook-Off scheduled for Saturday have been CANCELED due to the weather. Please email [email protected] for information about upcoming events. 


home welcome

Imagine a small town.

The kind of place where families can fully bloom. Where southern hospitality is still a way of life. A historic town with tree-lined streets, beautiful parks, and a downtown public square. Someplace only an hour away from big city life but miles away from the daily grind.

Now open your eyes because there’s no need to imagine it.

It's called Darlington.